23/12/2020 17:40

As per the update provided by Alberta government, massage therapists are allowed to resume work effective immediately under the following restrictions. 

  1. All clients must have either a written prescription from a medical doctor, or a written referral from a regulated health professionals (chiropractors or physio therapist)
  2. A written prescription or a referral is only valid if issued within the last 12 months. A copy is acceptable.
Some of my clients already have a valid prescription since it has been required by their insurances, so if you are one of them, feel free to contact me to book an appointment.  
If you do not have a prescription or a referral, and wish to come for a treatment before January 12, 2021, you may contact your doctor's office or your chiropractor/physio therapist for a virtual session to get a scanned copy of a prescription or a referral. 
According to my understanding, this new restriction is in effect only until the province's partial lock down is over, and the normal bookings with/without prescription will resume as usual after January 12, 2021. If there is any change regarding the dates, I will update you with the details. 
The online booking will remain closed until January 12, 2021, so please contact me at 780 504 0881, or email me at to check the availability or book an appointment. I will be open my regular business hours except on Christmas day and the New Year's day.
Happy Holidays!